In Conversation with Milica Simovic:


Milic Simovic

Milica Simovic is a london based artist, Illustration and general scribbling are her departments. She want to make work that is visually and conceptually stimulating, and most importantly, to enjoy the process of creating. The topics and themes of her work are guided by my core interests and whatever new thing she starts to obsess about. However, she is particularly fond of natural history, the ocean, and weird creatures.


Interviewed By Jiaming Zhao, 18/02/2023

JZ: I found there were lots of artistic practices in your design related to animal evolution or natural elements. May you please tell us how they inspired you?

MS: The natural world and it’s history has always been a huge source of interest for me, and during my creative practice I have realised that I enjoyed exploring these themes the most. Learning about the topic and then figuring out how to relay the information through a visual medium is like a fun challenge that I never get bored of.

JZ: May you tell us why you’d like to choose weeds as your subject or not use trees or other natural elements? Are weeds somehow symbolic?

MS: Weeds are sort of like the underdogs of the plant world, yet there are the most abundant ones. I love how unique and diversified they are, even in a single garden. There is also a sense of duplicity within them, they are fragile yet strong enough to break through concrete over time.

JZ: What is your position on the relationship between human and nature in your created artworks?

MS: I think my position is quite a simple one. We take from the earth and eventually are reclaimed by it. Old junk overgrown by weeds once had a purpose and story, but now blend in with eachother.

JZ: Could you please tell us about your experience in using natural elements in design?

MS: A lot of my work explores the different ways natural forms can be represented and even warped. I often take inspiration from real life such as plants in my own garden, as well as drawing upon my imagination from when I would day dream as a child.