We are a group of UAL Curating and Collection graduates and activists actively involved in the subculture, recycling, and experimental art. Reflecting on elite culture and supporting marginalised groups and objects is what we want to achieve in the exhibition. As Goblincore is an aesthetic item based on an appreciation of the natural world and is more concerned with the living conditions of non-dominant species. By collecting the world, we aim to challenge mainstream cultural aesthetic conventions by digging up the unattended, yet deeply meaningful objects of daily life. Our selection of contemporary art is more rebellious, addressing social and environmental concerns, criticizing social Darwinism, and reflecting on consumer culture and capitalism.

Current Member: 

Yan Wang

Yan Wang graduated from MA Curating and Collections at Chelsea College of Arts. Her main research focuses on aesthetics of everyday life and psychogeography, with an interest in site-specific art. She was involved in exhibitions at Chelsea Space, Gallery Weekend Beijing, Beijing X Museum, Shanghai Himalayas Museum, Brent Biennial, etc.

︎juliawang0417         ︎juliawang0417@gmail.com


Jiaming Zhao

Jiaming Zhao is currently based in London. She is graduated from MA Curating and Collections at UAL. Her major focus area is the cultural exchange of Buddhism between the west and east in the early Middle Ages. She used to work for CAFA and the China pavilion of the 57th Venice Biennale.

︎Piazzettapia          ︎ jiajiajiaming@yahoo.com

Tian Li

After earning a bachelor degree in Art from University of Washington, Seattle, Tian found her interest in site-specific art and community based art. She is now a student on MA Curating and Collection at Chelsea College of Art to further explore how curators work with site specific practice to bring benefit to the community.

 ︎                                 ︎ lt799071407@gmail.com