GMT+8:The Diaspora of Chinese Art and Design Students in London

23/07/2022 - 02/08/2022,
Chelsea Triangle Space,



GMT+8 is a group exhibition that focuses on the creative journey of Chinese art and design students in London. Criss-crossing the Eurasia of 8 time zones, it seeks to create a space for new understanding of cultural identity, and to celebrate the interrelationship between China and Britain during the era of globalisation.

All of the artworks reflect the diasporic experience of the students in significant ways, exploring a Chinese-British sensibility through material and immaterial forms. Although not a comprehensive storytelling of Chinese diaspora art, this exhibition aims to evoke a sense of mutual connection, to reflect upon the idea of identity and belonging.




Yuqi Ni

Qi Qi

Yan Wang

Xiang Sandro Wong

Jiaming Zhao


Rui LiMA Fashion, Film and Digital Production, London College of Fashion

Tian Rossana Wong BFA Fine Art, Unicersity College London

Miner Zeng MA Fine Art, Camberwell College of Arts

Lily Wei
BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts

Jiao Shi   MA Photography, Royal College of Arts

Baihui Lin       GD Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts

Yaoxi Wei        MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts

Shengjia Zhang       MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins

Junchang Zhang
MA Sound Arts, London College of Communication

Yingyi Yang       MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts

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