Open Call for Artwork: "Digital Mythology" Exhibition

17/10/2023 - 24/10/2023,
Hackney Showroom,
London N4 2BN



We are excited to announce an open call for artwork submissions for our upcoming exhibition, "Digital Mythology." This exhibition delves into the captivating realm of myths and narratives within the digital landscape, exploring how technology shapes, reshapes, and communicates modern myths in imaginative and thought-provoking ways.

"Digital Mythology" invites artists to explore the intersection of technology, art, and storytelling. In today's rapidly evolving digital world, myths have transcended the boundaries of traditional storytelling and found new life in digital media, from cinema and graphic narratives to video games and virtual reality experiences. Drawing inspiration from Roland Barthes' concept of "social myths," the exhibition will unravel the intricate relationship between myths, technology, and contemporary culture.

Themes to Explore:  

  • Myth and Reality: How do digital myths blur the lines between reality and fiction? How do they reflect and influence our understanding of the world around us?
  • Narrative Archetypes: How are classical mythological elements transformed and reimagined in the digital age? How do artists use these archetypes to convey complex ideas?
  • Myth-making in the Digital Era: How has technology democratized myth-making? How are individuals participating in the creation of new myths through digital platforms
  • Digital Culture and Identity: How do digital myths contribute to the construction of identity in the online world? How do they shape cultural narratives and perceptions?
  • Digital Narratives: How do artists employ digital mediums to craft immersive narratives that resonate with contemporary audiences? What unique storytelling possibilities do digital platforms offer?

Artists Submission Guidelines:

  • We welcome a diverse range of artistic expressions, including but not limited to: digital art, interactive installations, video art, performance, virtual reality experiences, and multimedia installations.
  • Submissions should reflect the themes of "Digital Mythology" as outlined in the curatorial statement.
  • Artists are encouraged to draw inspiration from traditional myths, folklore, historical anecdotes, and contemporary culture.
  • All submissions should include a brief artist statement that contextualizes the work in relation to the exhibition's themes.

How to Submit: 

  • We have two ways for work submission:
    • Email Submission: Send your proposals via email to with the subject line: "Digital Mythology Submission." Please include a detailed description of the proposed artwork, along with any relevant images, and attach an artist's CV or portfolio showcasing previous work. 
    • Online Form: Alternatively, you can fill out this form to submit your work:                 
  • We'll be keeping the submission process open without a fixed deadline. We'll decide when to wrap up based on the number of submissions and the types of artwork we receive. Even if your piece isn't selected, we'll keep it on file for potential future exhibition opportunities.
  • This open call is free for entry. However, please note that selected artists may be required to pay a venue fee to cover exhibition expenses. The venue fee will be determined based on factors such as the dimensions and installation requirements of the selected artwork. Artists will be notified of any applicable venue fees upon selection.

Join us in uncovering the captivating fusion of technology, storytelling, and contemporary culture in "Digital Mythology." We look forward to receiving your innovative and thought-provoking submissions.

For inquiries, please contact, or send us a direct message on Instagram 


Yuqi Ni
Yan Wan
Jiaming Zhao
Tian Li